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To all Local 1-S Union members:

Let’s set the record straight!!

  1. The bargaining table is in the Union office!
  2. While the Union waited for the company to return to the bargaining table, Macy’s chief negotiator was shopping in Old Navy!
  3. Your Union Leadership waited all day “June 9th”, and IS STILL WAITING for the Company to discuss the Union’s proposal for affordable Medical.
  4. Macy’s is trying to scare you into accepting unaffordable health plans.
  5. All of the Local 1-S Officers are in fact Macys employees, and come from the stores, and are in this FIGHT with YOU and for YOU!
  6. Local 1-S Officers and Negotiators do not get paid unless the membership of Local 1-S gets paid.

Let the Company know that you are prepared to do whatever it takes to get the contract you deserve.

Any questions or concerns speak with your Union representative or call the 1-S office directly at 212-594-6910. Don’t forget to “like” the 1-S Facebook page.


Your Local 1-S Contract Negotiation Committee



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