Contract Negotiations Update

To all Local 1-S Union members:

Your Local 1-S negotiation committee has continued to meet with Macys for the purpose of reaching a new contract.

While we have been able to reach some tentative agreements with the Company, there is still much work yet to be done.

HUGE differences remain on economic issues that are REALLY IMPORTANT TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!

Your Local 1-S committee continues to demand:

  1. Significant improvements to the Medical benefits.
  2. Medical plans that are truly affordable for the members of Local 1-S.
  3. Significant Wage improvements for all Local 1-S members.
  4. Significant improvements for commission workers.
  5. Increases to retirement benefits.

As of June 7th, the Company has not proposed or accepted any resolution to the above issues.

Always remember that it is YOUR CONTRACT and YOUR LIVELIHOOD that are at stake during these contract negotiations.

Let the Company know that you are prepared to do whatever it takes to get the contract you deserve. 

Any questions or concerns speak with your Union representative or call the 1-S office directly at 212-594-6910.


Your Local 1-S Contract Negotiation Committee



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